Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I become an IHF customer?
A: Using the catalog request tab on the home page, complete the form to register as an IHF Home Décor Retailer. After our staff reviews your information, you will receive an email confirming your registration, and a product catalog and pricing information will be mailed to you. Your first order can then be placed directly with IHF using any major credit or debit card via phone, fax, or email. After your first order, you will receive login information for our wholesale website.
Q: How much is the minimum order?
A: Minimum orders and re-orders with IHF Rugs is $50. A service charge of $5.00 will be added to any order below the $50 minimum.
Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: Orders on all in-stock products will ship within 5 business days. Click here to see the Out-of-Stock report. All IHF products are shipped via UPS Ground.
Q: Does IHF ship to Canada?
A: We sure do! Call IHF today to hear about the great specials we have available exclusively for our Canadian customers.
Q: I am not sure if I have a Customer Relations Manager. How can I find out who it is?
A: Send us an email at You'll receive a call from your Customer Relations Manager to begin assisting in all your customer service needs.
Q: Can I sell IHF Rugs online?
A: Any Retailer seeking to sell IHF Rugs online must have the written permission of IHF LTD to use our brand and images on any web platforms. To receive this permission all Retailers must have a wholesale account established directly with IHF LTD and the account must be in good standing.
In addition all Retailers selling IHF Rugs online must comply with the IHF Rugs MAP Policy. Violations of the MAP policy will result in the account being suspended and your permissions to sell our rugs online will be withdrawn. Repeat violators will have their accounts closed and the 3rd party websites compliance departments will be notified that your permission to use our brand on their sites has been withdrawn.
Q: What is the IHF Map Policy?
A: We ask our online retailers to adhere to our minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policy. MAP is applicable to all our products that are in our current catalogs. MAP does not apply to older merchandise no longer offered by IHF rugs. All IHF, LTD products must be sold and advertised on all web platforms at double the wholesale price at all times, minus .05 cents. IHF has no policy on freight offerings, retailers can offer free freight if they choose.
  Example Prices:
  Wholesale cost $10.00
  Retail price can be no lower than $19.95
  (Double less .05 cents)
  IHF is monitoring all complaints we receive very closely and will follow the below stated for any online retailer found in violation of MAP going forward.
  First Violation: We will contact you and all “in house” orders will be held from shipping until pricing infractions are corrected.
  Second Violation: Your IHF account will be suspended for one (1) year and we will withdraw all permissions to use our images and trademark on any 3rd part websites.
  Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team anytime with questions you may have regarding this MAP policy.